Sunset Family Photography – Brill, Buckinghamshire

A family of 4 pose for a family photoshoot in Buckinghamshire

This beautiful family booked a Sunset Family Portraits session in the summer & we had the most perfect weather & light. My bespoke Family Photography sessions last around an hour – depending on the children’s ages. We shoot at golden hour which is 1 hour before sunset. This changes drastically throughout the year so I only recommend booking one of these sessions in the height of summer if you are happy with keeping your children up past 8.30pm. For younger children I recommend September & October instead – as the sunset comes in as early as 4.30pm and the weather is often still mild.

A family of 4 play fight and tickle their 2 daughters. They are laughing.
Two young sisters sit in a field at golden hour - smiling at the camera/

We make sure to start with the ‘boring’ sitting down and smiling photos so they are out of the way when the children’s attention is at it’s best. But before long we are playing games, having tickle fights and telling stories!

Two young sisters wearing white and blue smile at eachother.
Two young girls sit on their mothers' lap. They are all smiling. The golden hour sun is behind them.
A young blonde girl in a blue dress pulls a face at the camera.

‘Say Cheese!’ is absolutely banned on my shoots – you only get forced or fake smiles so instead I let the children show me their personality. I often ask the parents and siblings to ‘help me’ get them to smile by dancing like a dinosaur or pulling a funny face!

A young girl in a blue dress smiles standing in a field at golden hour.
A young girl in a white top smiles standing in a field at golden hour.
A family walk holding hands, the mother is leading them.

Off on an adventure!

I want your shoot to feel fun, fast paced and easy at all times! The children won’t get bored and you will feel like we are capturing lots of beautiful and varied images in a short space of time.

Got a fun idea?

Great! I want to hear it! This lovely family asked if they could bring the children’s Bubble guns with them to add another element of fun. Of course I said yes, and made sure we included them in a fun and classic way so that the brightly coloured guns remained out of these timeless portraits but the girls still loved dancing in the bubbles! Family Photography should always be fun and most importantly reflect your family beautifully!

Two young sisters dance in bubbles in front of a sunset.
Two young sisters dance in bubbles in front of a sunset.
A family sit on a blanket looking at the sunset. They are surrounded by bubbles.
A family sit next to a windmill looking at the sunset. The smallest child is pointing at the view.

To finish the session we watched the sunset and had some final snuggles!

A young girl in a blue dress rubs noses with her mother. They are both smiling.

If you are looking to book your Family Photographer then please do drop me a message via the contact page on my website. I can’t wait to plan something beautiful for your family!