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I was so thrilled to hear this beautiful family would be coming back to see me for Baby 2! I did their Maternity & Newborn Photography for their first daughter and it always means the world when families come back to me again and again. In this blog I’ll be answering all the Newborn questions but if you think of anything else just leave a comment below!

Newborn Photography Buckinghamshire

When should Newborn Photographs be taken?

Newborn Photography is always taken within the first 21 days where possible – most people book in around their 20 week scan and then I pencil a few dates into the diary for you. Once Baby arrives you just let me know & we schedule your session date. I always leave lots of gaps in the diary so whenever Baby arrives I will have space for you – be that early or late!

Can Newborn Photography be taken when Baby is older?

The older the Baby the less sleepy and bendy they are – but the answer is yes… It will just be a slightly different style of session. Where possible we always like to get you in by 14 days but if you can’t for medical reasons then this style of session is still possible up to 6 weeks. We would focus on natural posing – making sure Baby is comfortable & happy in the less posed style.

How long does a Newborn Photography Session take?

Sessions can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how long Baby needs to feed. Once Baby is settled & happy we can work quickly through the poses and do our best to get all sibling photos shot first while their attention span is still on our side!

Newborn Photography Aylesbury

Can siblings join in with the Newborn Photography session?

Yes of course! I absolutely love to include big siblings in everything I do. They will be posed safely with Baby – in an age appropriate setting. The clever use of props and parental support means we can always get those beautiful images you’ve dreamt of. The session can take between 2-3 hours depending on how much Baby stops to feed so my studio is set up to keep them entertained with colouring and beautiful toys to explore. I make sure it’s a positive and fun experience for them – asking them to ‘assist’ me with small tasks like passing me a toy or blanket so they feel included and just as important as the new Baby! I want them to be my newest best friend so when the time comes for them to pose with the Baby they are engaged and happy to take direction from me.

What should we wear for the session?

Baby is always dressed by me in handmade outfits that are perfect to show them off! For the rest of the family I recommend neutral tones & to all try to ‘match without matching’. So I want you to all be on the same level of dressiness and the same colour palette but not all in identical clothes! Start with Mum first – finding something you are comfortable in can be tricky just after giving birth – so build everyone else’s outfit around yours! Need to inspiration? Head to my Pinterest!

How do I book my Newborn Photography Session?

Just fill out the form on my contact page here – I will then send you all the information on the session. To secure your place on my calendar your session fee is then due. Once that’s paid you get a booking confirmation and are all set until Baby arrives! I’m so looking forward to capturing beautiful memories for you to treasure forever.

“Thank you so much for to these incredible pictures. I am so overjoyed. We had a long journey trying to have children and you have captured the very essence of the immense love we share as a family . I am eternally grateful.” – Funmi & Family