Extended Family Photoshoot – Buckinghamshire Photography Studio

What could be better for a big milestone birthday than a photoshoot with all of the kids and the grandbabies too? My beautiful new studio is absolutely perfect for an extended family photoshoot and you can even include the dog too! I’ve been shooting lots of these sessions lately & it’s always a total joy!

extended family photo session buckinghamshire

What is an extended family photoshoot?

It just means a groups of six or more if those being photographed are outside the immediate family (for example, a family of four, plus two grandparents, would be an extended family session). These sessions can also include cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and/or friends that are more like family!

So who should we include?

It’s easy to get over excited and start inviting every single member of the extended family but more is not more when it comes to these sessions. Just because you can invite everyone – doesn’t mean you should! Consider the more people you invite the more the time will be split and you may only end up with one or two images from each sub-group or individual family. The best way to approach these sessions is to choose one side of the family or one group to be invited. For example if the purpose of the session is to celebrate Grandma’s 70th then invite all of her children and grandchildren but not the other side of the family too!

extended family photoshoot

When should we book in for an extended family photoshoot?

Organising everyone’s diaries can be tricky so the sooner the better! My weekend availability is always best November-March or for the summer months I always post updated availability to my social media.

extended family photoshoot

So what can we expect from the session?

Firstly, a warm, welcoming and beautiful studio space – big enough for the whole family (20 people total maximum) and even the dog! The sessions are structured around play to bring the best out of your family. I want you all naturally laughing and connecting together. We are creating memories as we capture beautiful heirlooms of having all of your favourite people in one place! I will look after you every step of the way from styling advice & guidance as well as posing guidance so we get the very best from everyone! Depending on the main goal of the session (Granny’s birthday present or just wanting pictures of everyone together) we will hone our focus. We will start with the whole group together and then cut into smaller groups as well as individual portraits for the children.

Outdoors or in the studio?

It’s your choice and there are advantages to both! If the weather is bad we will always revert to the studio. My outdoor location is just 15 minutes from the studio so we always have that as a backup.

extended family photoshoot

What happens after the session?

After the session I beautifully hand-edit each of your images into heirlooms to be treasured forever. You are then invited back to the studio to watch your slideshow and choose your package. When you book in you pay a Β£100 session fee to secure your place on my diary – that is then deducted from your chosen package. Click here to see all of the packages.

Ok we want to book how do we do that?

Just fill out the contact form on my website and we can start planning your perfect extended family photoshoot in Buckinghamshire.