Cotswolds Engagement Photography – Bourton on the water

When you book me to photograph your wedding I always include an ‘engagement photography session’ or ‘pre-wedding shoot’ – I love them for so many reasons! Firstly it’s a great way for us to get to know each other better before the day. You’ll spend a fair bit of time with me on your wedding day and I want you to feel totally relaxed so you can forget I’m there and I can do my best work.

Practise makes perfect!

The shoot is also a great chance for you & your partner to practise posing together! Whether you are a naturally romantic couple or not – it’s not always the easiest to relax in front of the camera. I want to reflect who you are as a couple in a beautiful and authentic way.

Cotswolds Engagement photography
London Engagement photography

Location, location, location!

Choosing the right location is so important! I have a list of beautiful choices or we can choose somewhere that means a lot to you as a couple. We almost always shoot at golden hour (the hour before sunset) for the most beautiful light. These sessions are always taken mid-week which means we avoid any crowds at popular spots.

Cotswolds Engagement photography

Want to do something fun?

I always like to encourage my couples to step outside of their comfort zone a little… have fun, show off a hobby or just jump into a freezing river with me! There really is nothing better to loosen you up and show some personality. 80% of my couples do just opt to have a beautifully relaxing walk at sunset but even if we are just adding in a Champagne toast it can be a really lovely addition!

Cotswolds Engagement photography
Engagement photography

Styling is key

I’ve left this for last as it really is the most important thing to make your session come together! I want you to be comfortable, be yourself but also look back and love how you look. So I always say ‘match without matching’. You and your partner need to be on the same page – if one of your turns up in a ball gown & the other in sweatpants it’s not going to work! Colour palette is so important – you need to be within the same tones. Need some ideas? My Pinterest is full of great inspiration!

Not booked me for your wedding but still want to work together?

I take a limited number of ‘engagement only’ clients a year – full pricing can be found on my website!

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