9 Tips to make your Wedding morning run perfectly

Getting ready on your wedding morning should be relaxing, fun and surrounded by your favourite people… but that doesn’t happen by accident – a little planning goes along way! I’ve seen countless Wedding mornings and thought it might be helpful to give you a few of my top tips so here we go…

Location, location, location…

  • 1. When choosing where to get ready on your wedding morning the two most important things to consider are space and light – do you have enough of both? More really is more! Your hair and makeup team will love you for it too! Image taken at Hedsor House.

Get ready early!

  • 2. I can’t emphasise this one enough – there really is nothing worse than feeling like that last 30 minutes is a frantic rush. If you want to factor in some time to have photos in your dressing gowns, a champagne toast, some fun photos with your Bridesmaids all dressed pre-ceremony or even a ‘first look’ with your partner then factor in enough time for this. Image taken at The Landmark, London.

What to wear?

  • 3. Consider what you’ll be wearing before you put your dress on – you’ll be photographed while getting ready so being comfortable is key! A dressing gown or cute PJs is perfect! Image taken at Primrose Hill Farm.

Bridesmaids first!

  • 4. Make sure your Bridesmaids know to be ready before you – get everyone done & in their dresses at least 30 minutes before you so you can have their help getting ready.

Keep things tidy!

  • 5. Try to keep the room tidy & clutter free! This one can be tricky when there are often 8+ people getting ready in the same space – we can do our best to hide the mess as much as possible but asking your bridesmaids to help tidy up will go a long way too!

Communication is key!

  • 6. Communicate with your suppliers – your hair & makeup team will be on a tight timeline but they will help you work everything out so it run’s perfectly. Make sure they know that you want that time for photos or a toast! They will also want to take their own photos for social media which can take extra time. Image taken at Kirtlington Park.

It’s all in the detail…

  • 7. Put all of your ‘details’ in one box – when I arrive the first thing I ask for is to photograph the dress and details. You will very likely be in the hair & makeup chair while this happens so it’s easier if you’ve already put all of that together so you don’t have to get up. By details I mean all the little things that make up your wedding look – your shoes, jewellery, perfume, any cards or notes from your other half, stationary, vows or anything personalised that you have.

Practise makes perfect!

  • 8. Bring a crochet hook to do the buttons on your dress & have the person who is doing it up practise before the big day! I am an expert at putting Bride’s into their dress at lightning speed because they take far longer than you think, the person that is meant to help you isn’t ready yet or they find it’s actually quite tricky to do those buttons! I’m absolutely always happy to help but of course I’d far rather photograph a beautiful moment of your best friend or Mum helping you.

Ignore tradition & make your own rules…

  • 9. Want to get ready with your partner? Do it! Want to walk down the aisle with your Mum, best friend or by yourself? Amazing – go for it! Every single moment of your day should be how you want it so don’t feel pressured by what Instagram makes your think is right.

I hope this was helpful & provided you with some inspiration ahead of your wedding morning! If you are still looking for your Wedding Photographer then please do get in touch via my contact page here.